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How To Block Spam Emails

There are multiple methods covered, so read the description of each video underneath to see what you're interested in. Here's to no more spam! :-)


The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.


Video content list:

1 Simple ways to reduce email: Don't use obvious email addresses like support@, webmaster@, sales@, don't post your email address on websites, how to "scramble" your email address, etc

2 How Mailwasher can drastically reduce the number of spam emails that get into your inbox by 98%

3) Mailwasher: How to identify emails are friends and blacklist the spam domains

4) Mailwasher: How to create your own filters to catch the spam that you're getting the most.

5) Mailwasher: How to block "spoof" emails that look like they're coming from your email address using filters. (Note: Just because you receive spam emails that look like they're coming from your own email address, doesn't mean your email is being used to spam other people... A lot of times its just sent to you.

6) Mailwasher: How to find the difference between your own emails and fake emails that look like they're from you, so can can create a filter to catch and delete them automatically.

7) How to avoid BBB and FTC complaints as an online business owner. IE, don't use indiscriminate spam blockers that could block customer support emails and generate troublesome complaints.

8) Mailwasher: Pushing the "delete" button and watching hundreds of spams get deleted. It's good for the soul.

9) Using filters built in to your own email program you currently use (without Mailwasher). I use Eudora in the video example, but filters for Microsoft Outlook and other programs are virtually the same.

10) Filters continued: How to delete suspicious attachments, add more filters

11) Gmail: Using Gmail to delete spam, even if you're using a non-Gmail account. (In other words, you pass your email through Gmail, and when you get it back it's all clean and shiny and virtually spam-free.

12) Gmail settings to pull your email from somewhere else into Gmail so Gmail can work its magic, and setting Pop account so you can the pull your email back out of Gmail into your regular email software.

13) Setting your email software program to now pull down email from Gmail, instead of where you used to check email from.

(To review: You originally pulled your email down from your email server to your email software program, like Microsoft Outlook, etc. If you followed videos 11-13, you now:

Pull your email from your email server into Gmail, THEN pull that email down from Gmail to your software program (Like Microsoft Outlook, etc)

I hope you find these videos helpful and Spamalicious!

Tim Gross sig

- Tim Gross


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