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This video series shows a website created from start to finish, processing orders through Clickbank. It shows basic website creation, basic graphics editing, sales letter improvement thought process, the basics of adding Meta-tag descriptions and keywords for search engine ranking, how Clickbank allows you to have a built-in affiliate program, adding a basic website counter, and putting out a press release.

If you're not interested in graphic design, just skip those sections and watch the ones that are applicable to your situation.

Explanation of what we are doing: Moving a successful "real-world" book onto the web to sell as a digital product. Review of the original sales letter for first impressions

Creating the background graphics for the Cure Your Arthritis website.

"Exporting" the background images to get ready to add to the web pages. 

How to remove the "margins" of web pages to make the top and left sides flush to the browser.

Adding text to the logo graphic - Changing gifs to "RGB" format to work on them

Looking at the graphics on the web site.

Fixing graphics errors

Why you need to re-add a graphic image to your web page in Frontpage if you've changed the image size to avoid having the image "scrunched" or "stretched". (The height and width settings assigned in the HTML have to match the actual size)

Breaking down the sales letter into multiple pages for better and more effective presentation. (Unlike other situations where we *combine* multiple pages into one, we feel this sales letter will be better served by breaking it into interesting pieces - almost articles - that visitors will be compelled to click on by giving them catchy "link" names. (Sworn Affidavit, story about being thrown out of an arthritis convention, etc.)

Adding more "space" to a web page, either by adding a new cell, or adding an invisible spacer

3rd-Party merchant account for processing your orders for digitally delivered (downloadable) products online

ClickBank - The details, how it works

ClickBank - How to sign up, what you need to do to get started

Clickbank - Getting approved for our "credit limit" and setting up the download page. Once we pay the registration, we're in business.

Continuing to set up Clickbank

Adding Meta Tags to the HTML of the web pages before submitting them to search engines. "Title, Contents, and "Keywords"

Researching competing Meta Tags for arthritis products to judge what we should be doing to get high ranking

Continued discussion about Meta Tags and search engines

More Meta Tags for the "Affidavit" page

17 Search Engines
Submitting your web pages to the major search engines

Using the built-in Affiliate Program in Clickbank

Creating a signup page for Affiliate signups - making it easy for them to promote you

Adding hit counters to your pages (Websitegarage)

Pasting the counter code to your web pages

Putting out a Press Release - It created sales starting the very same day it was released, as well as creating calls from people wanting to distribute the book, and even a call about featuring the author on a television show! Are you getting the point yet? Use Press Releases!

Submitting the Press Release online through One point of interest - They wouldn't run the press release "as is", they wanted the name of the company to be mentioned in the headline of the Press Release. As we've mentioned previously, your headline is crucial, and this requirement could have messed up the Press Release, except for the fact that the word "" IS a headline in itself, so it was able to be integrated nicely, and if anything, it actualy improved the ad. -So be sure to pick a relevant, descriptive name for your company and URL for your site, so you're prepared for anything.



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