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Web Design, FTP'ing Files, Creating Banners, Choosing Web Hosting

The basics of web design using Frontpage  
Lesson 1 Frontpage 2000
Creating a new page, reviewing the basic tools that you will be using for web design. Typing, centering text, double v.s. single spacing
Lesson 2 Frontpage 2000
Multiple undo's, saving as file, index.htm v.s. index.html, inserting lines, creating hyperlinks
Lesson 3 Frontpage 2000
Creating tables, table formatting, visual effects with tables
Lesson 4 Frontpage 2000
Cell properties, and how to set them to get them to act like you want
Lesson 5 Frontpage 2000
Page properties, active link java rollover, adding page title, background and link color
Lesson 6 Frontpage 2000
Previewing web page in browser
Lesson 7 Frontpage 2000
Creating a "real" site with 4-cell table layout and background image
Lesson 8 Frontpage 2000
Previewing the site in a browser (choosing multiple browsers), how to create and add multiple pages using a "template" you've created
Lesson 9 Frontpage 2000
Warning about strange features in Frontpage - Avoiding hyperlinks that create "full paths" to your harddrive, blue borders around image files, and what to do if images look distorted and grainy.

Creating Banners  
1 Creating Banners
banner-capture - How to use a "Screen Capture" program to easily create effective banners in 5 minutes or less

2 Banners
Banner-format1 -Taking the "captured" image and cropping it down to banner size (468 x 60 pixels)

3 Banner
Banner-format1a - Using "canvas size" settings to reduce image instead of copying and pasting (alternative way of doing it)

4 Banner
Banner-format2 - Continuing with a "drop down box" and turning it into a banner

Frontpage Express -Free Website Building Software  
New Frontpage Express Tutorial
1 Frontpage Express

fpexpress1 Table settings - Creating a "main" table to put build the page inside.
2 Frontpage Express
fpexpress2 Creating a visible table as an effect - Everything you ever wanted to know about tables but were afraid to ask.
3 Frontpage Express
fpexpress3 -Pasting in text, table colors vs cell colors. "Breaking out" of a table in Frontpage
4 Frontpage Express
fpexpress4links -Saving pages with "As File" instead of the http:// "default" that Frontpage uses. 
5 Frontpage Express
fpexpress5links2 -Creating a "link bar" to navigate your site. Creating a "space" between tables when needed.

Choosing a Hosting Company  
1 Hosting Company
How to choose a hosting company, figure out what you really need, what the most important features are, and how to understand what's offered.
2 Hosting Company
What the features mean
3 Hosting Company
More features
4 Hosting Company
Signing up with a hosting company - Actually going through the signup process

FTP - Uploading Files To Your Site

1 FTP - CuteFTP
Here's how to upload files to your website using FTP, which stands for "File Transfer Protocol". We're using an FTP program called "CuteFTP" but most of the FTP program work very similarly, so it's not a problem if you already have something else
2 FTP 
What the features mean, how to create subdirectories, ASCII v.s. Binary upload, transferring files




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