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There are 17 videos, click on the one you want, and make sure your volume is up.
Scroll down the menu to access all 17 videos. Scroll down the page for full descriptions of each video. -Tim

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Below is a breakdown of what's covered in each video.

Note: Here's my ping list shown in the video

Here's the plugins I'm using in video 15

1) Benefits of Wordpress: Free, constantly upgraded, good for SEO, good content management script

2) How to install Wordpress with "Fantastico", available from hosting using CPanel. Check your hosting company to see if you have it.

3) What a basic Wordpress install looks like: The generic page layout, what things are, general functionality.

4) Admin section overview: What you can access from the Dashboard, post, pages, comments, blogroll, overall look.

5) How to change Wordpress' look by browsing and downloading different themes.

6) Installing Themes: How to upload themes to your website, and where to FTP the theme files so Wordpress will find and recognize them.

7) Formatting Posts: Wordpress gives you a WYSIWYG interface similar to a word processor, to change font size and look, etc, making it easy to format your posts.

8) Adding pictures to your posts: Poodle-Sheep syndrome

9) Adding pages (Pages are "static" in Wordpress, they don't scroll down like posts when you add new content. Other than that, they're simlar to posts.

10) How to edit your blogroll: How to add links to other blogs, websites, resources, or even to your own specific pages or content.

11) Options 1: General options, blog title, description, URL, allowing comments, setting the time, date format, calendar week. Writing options: Formatting options, default post category, update service (Ping List). Here's mine, the one I show in the video. Front page to display (static page versus blog posts), how to make Wordpress look more like a website (instead of a blog)

12) Options 2: Discussion Options (very important for notifying other blogs, getting trackbacks/links from other blogs, getting more exposure) , allowing people to post comments to your blog, comment moderation, setting a blacklist.

13) Options 3: Privacy options (don't make me kill you), Customize Permalink Structure (important, watch video #17 on "Dean's Permalink" plugin before changing your Permalink Structure. This is the Permalink structure I use and recommend you use:


14) Editing Themes: How to make basic changes to whatever theme you are using. Knowledge of PHP and CSS are very helpful, proceed with caution (and backup any files you try to edit first)

15) What are plugins: Overview of what plugins I'm using at the moment: Social Bookmarking, Custom anti-spam plugin, Dean's Permalink Plugin, Contact Form, Database Backup,

Click here to download a zip file of the plugins I'm using in the video

16) Adding plugins: How and where to upload plugins to Wordpress so they will be recognized and usable, and how to activate them.

17) Permalink Plugin: How to use Permalink Plugin to avoid having broken links if you change your Permalink structure mid-streak of using your blog (very important). Download the "Dean's Permalink Migration" plugin in the zip file above that's shown in this video.

I hope you find this useful, I've been getting a lot of questions about how to use Wordpress, so hopefully this will help. Be sure to subscribe for access to future videos as well.

Pinging/Trackbacks: What happens when you link to someone else's blog (you get a comment link back to you)

Custom Header Graphic: How to upload your own header graphic from within Wordpress Admin

Wordpress Backup Plugin: This is very important, here's the easy way to back up your wordpress posts so if something goes wrong all your hard work doesn't disappear.

Upgrading Wordpress: Here's how to safely upgrade to a newer version of Wordpress. (Disable plugins, back up your MySQL Database, and have at it)

Your friend, Tim Gross

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